Fighting “crime” by helping people realize the claims they’re making, leading to controversies, so they might reconsider. Helping people stop fighting “the man” and volunteering for “jail”, by helping look in the mirror instead, so they might help heal minds, bodies and earth.



Brene Brown

Rising Stong Summary

Jordan Peterson

Pay Attention!Potential (TEDx 2013), Redefining Reality (TEDx 2011)

Maps of Meaning: Summary and Guide to, 2017 Lectures Playlist

40 Profound Life Rules

Mind is influenced by:

Nutrition, incoming information (entertainment and “non-fiction”), community (friends & family), how and what you view as tools for progress and obstacles (rather than ignoring)…


Isolation or shame are deadly.

Find actives you enjoy doing with “others”?
Discuss shame with empathic friends?


Cooking, growing, foraging and/or preserving food

I like Weston A Price for nutrition (Fat Soluble Vitamins). There’s obviously many paths, imaging most beneficial ones include at least one of these:

  • minimal processing
  • (intermittent) fasting
  • food sourced from a polyculture, rather than monoculture
  • plants that derive nutrients from “compost”, rather than synthetic compounds


I love sprints and HIIT. Added muscle mass seems good, for men and women’s health, but why lift weights, unless there’s no soil needing worked?


Iron, Food Enrichment and the Theory of Everything

Isolation: more unhealthy than smoking or drinking and every dietary trend, found anyway


Topsoil loss, desertification, loss of biodiversity, dying bees, deforestation, peak phosphorus, peak oil… how dependent large scale agriculture is on oil, especially chem ag…

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” -Bill Mollison

Slow water

permaculture inspired earthworks, wood/hay/leaves/organic matter, yeoman plow

Build soil

multiple vertical layers of perennials, nitrogen fixers and nutrient accumulators, holistic grazing, silvopasture, yeoman plow

Save seed

Regenerative Systems

root cellar, propagation bed, chicken “tractor”, beehive, vermiculture, black soldier fly harvester, indoor mushroom grow…

Eco-friendly architecture, heating and cooling

Underground homes (Oehler)/wofati (Paul Wheaton), rocket mass heaters, straw-bale homes, yurts, “tiny homes”, tipi’s