What are Claims of Authority?

Could there be a least common denominator for all claims of authority? Could claims of authority come from everyone, instead of just the so-called cops, judges, prosecutors etc?

So-called cops claim to be speaking and doing on behalf of The State. They claim to have special rights or privileges granted by The State, as agents or officers of The State.

So-called social justice fanatics claim to be speaking and doing on behalf of (social) justice, minorities, the oppressed etc (agent of change?).

So-called pastors, preachers, spiritual gurus etc claim to be speaking/doing on behalf of God, the divine etc.

So-called philosophers claim to be speaking/doing on behalf of reason, logic, evidence, empiricism, rationality, objectivity, reality etc.

So-called scientists claim to be speaking/doing on behalf of science.

So-called journalists claim to be speaking/doing on behalf of truth.

So-called psychiatrists claim to be speaking/doing on behalf of sanity and reality.

It’s not just a game that so-called experts play either… we all do it. I just did it, speaking for we all (so-called experts and non-experts alike).

Pay Attention For

Phrases that Indicate saying or doing for other than the self

Work for, do X for, agent/officer of, on behalf of, by/on authority of, as a representative of, as a spokesperson for, in the name of, in place of, at the behest of, in the interests of, in support of, for the benefit of, for the good of, for the sake of, to the advantage of, to the profit of, on account of

Sounds/Words/Phrases/Ideas commonly claimed to say or do for

  • Alleged Claimants: We/Our/Us, The State/City/County/Providence, The IRS, Walmart, Verizon etc
  • The Law, The Court, The Prosecution, Our Client, Justice, Fairness, Peace, Reason, Evidence, Science, Rationality, Logic, Empiricism, Reality, Equality, Equity, Minorities, Oppressed/Disadvantaged, Society, The World (or the direction it’s heading),

So-called Legalese

  • So-called Ownership: YOUR, mine, my, our, his, hers,
  • pull you over, cite, ticket, charge, felony, misdemeanor, seize, confiscate, impound, prosecute, judge?, violation?, offense, people?, person, arrest, detain, issue/serve warrant, drive, vehicle, operate, license, register, registration, title, deed, illegal

Once one recognizes the way this game is played, and hears a question or two intended to bring about evidence concerning these claims, it seems evident to the author that one can stay on point much better and have these claims appear as nothing more than hot air.


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